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Process for Data Recovery

Standard pricing is $150.00 for the first 50GB of software recovery (includes return shipping).

With the purchase of this service, buyer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

NOTE: If the drive does not power-on and spin-up, I will not be able to recover data from it.

Once buyer confirms request for recovery, MYpcMEDIK will contact buyer for shipping instructions.
Upon receipt of the drive, MYpcMEDIK will contact buyer and determine what files buyer would like recovered.
If data is recovered, buyer agrees to pay the fee prior to shipment of CD/DVD or return of hard drive.
Upon receipt of payment, MYpcMEDIK will send CD/DVD media with the recovered data and hard drive back to buyer.
MYpcMEDIK is NOT responsible for any damage or data loss that may occur during the recovery process.
Non-payment for services will result in forfeiture of buyer's hard drive to MYpcMEDIK.
Drives will not be physically opened.
SCSI drives must include a compatible controller card and cabling.
The buyer can pick and choose files to be recovered. Additional data can be purchased for $50 per 10GB.

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Shipping: Buyer is responsible for insured shipping of hard drive to MYpcMEDIK .
If no data is recovered, buyer is responsible for return shipping if they want hard drive returned.
If customer does not want hard drive returned, MYpcMEDIK will physically destroy hard drive.

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